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TOP 101 of Estonia’s Most Valuable Enterprises is socially important initiative since 2020, organized by Prudentia and Nasdaq Tallinn. This initiative is based on a wish to encourage public debate on three subjects related to the value of the company: enterprise value within the context of M&A – help to understand motives of purchasing, selling and merging companies; the competitiveness of Estonian and Baltic region, strengthening the understanding of the value of the company as an important reference point for future development.

TOP 101 of Estonia’s Most Valuable Enterprises demonstrates a well known truth – Estonia’s most valuable enterprises are the engine of Estonia’s economy, and they set national prosperity.

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About Prudentia

Prudentia is the leading corporate finance company in the Baltic States serving clients from its offices in Tallinn and Riga. Prudentia provides a full spectrum of corporate finance and M&A advisory services for corporate and private clients.

In addition to the core business activities, Prudentia actively implements and participates in a number of socially significant projects. The main focus of these projects is to provide further support to the development of education within society and encourage the growth of nascent entrepreneurs.

TOP 101 of Latvia’s most valuable enterprises is one of the most important social activities organized by Prudentia in partnership with Nasdaq Riga from 2005.

TOP 101 of Estonia`s most valuable enterprises was officially launched by Prudentia and Nasdaq Tallinn in 2020.

More information about Prudentia is available here: www.prudentia.ee

Nasdaq Tallinn

Nasdaq Tallinn is the place where all ambitious Estonian companies are listed and the place where all ambitious Estonian people invest. It is the only regulated secondary securities market in Estonia and maintains regulated, open and efficient market.

The exchange provides companies with an efficient channel to raise capital and to facilitate the participation of institutional and private investors in primary offerings and secondary trading.

We bring together investors, listed companies seeking access to capital resources, and exchange members who mediate securities transactions for investors through a common electronic trading system.


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